How Google has helped developers create amazing apps.

Most developers in the community are aware of Angular, Flutter, and Tensorflow. This post, however, contains a list of lesser-known tools developed by Google that you can use to build your next application. They are fast, reliable, and used by Google Developers in their workflow.

Google generates revenue from multiple…

A Polyglot gave me these three pieces of advice to help me develop a system in a new programming language.

We all software engineers have a mentor in life. Someone who is our go-to guy or a girl when we are in trouble. My mentor is 48 years old with more than 23 years of experience in programming (primarily C++). Ask me, and I would say he is God. He…

Test your JavaScript knowledge with this post.

The thing about technology is that it is evolving day by day. Just like tech, every programming language is maturing in its way too. Core developers are developing new and cool features to help other developers who use them. JavaScript is one of them.

I recently read an article that…

How Meta has helped web and mobile app developers.

Most developers in the community are aware of React and Pytorch. This post, however, contains a list of lesser-known tools developed by Meta that you can use to build your next application.

People may accuse Meta, formally known as Facebook, of stealing data, invading users’ mobile privacy, and whatnot. I…

These signs speak for their excellence.

I stumbled upon a trending programming article on Medium titled ‘5 Weird Signs of an Inexperienced Self-Taught Programmer’. But after reading the article, I realized there were so many things that were just wrong in so many ways. So, I decided to write a post in reply.

I have never…

Why do we need a config file and how to create it?

Modern-day JavaScript frameworks require config files. Config file short form for Configuration file contains a list of initial parameters and settings your project will need to get started.

It could be anything, like a connection string to the database URL in different development environments, language settings, user settings, etc.


Demystifying tech terms for everyday technology enthusiasts.

I am pretty sure that You all would agree with me on the fact that tech is evolving every single day. We see people discussing new techniques and fancy terms in the software development and programming industry than ever.

I have often seen people, especially from non-technical backgrounds, discussing software…

Programmers, don’t try this at your company.

After reading a few programming articles today, I accidentally ran across a post entitled “Revenge By a Programmer For Not Getting Salaries For three months,” with the subtitle: “Don’t mess with Programmers,” by the author The woman

I have to say it is quite a catchy title and subtitle to…

Manage your time and balance your professional & personal life with the help of these apps.

Yesterday, Medium recommended me an article, and like always, I read it. I liked the post. I genuinely love how the author, Darius Foroux, has found a way to achieve optimal productivity in his life. click here to go to the post.

While reading the post, I realized that I…

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